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6 COVID Friendly Ways to Get Healty

Do you know that the best way to get your daily exercise is outdoors? Exercising outdoors is one of the safest ways to stay fit during the COVID pandemic. You will be distanced from other people and the fresh air will invigorate you!  Are you ready to get moving? If so, then you will enjoy our list of 6 COVID-friendly ways to get outside and exercise. You will be bolstering your immune system and staying healthy at the same time. Keep reading below to learn more.  

Walking or Jogging

It just isn’t healthy staying indoors all the time. On the contrary, fresh air does wonder to promote a healthier mind and body. Going walking or jogging is one of the easiest ways to be outside and exercise, too. If you have a dog, then you can take the dog with you to make sure they get much-needed exercise, too. Do you live in a rural area where you can take in the area’s natural beauty while walking or jogging without getting close to others? Or do you live in the city in an urban area?  If so, just bring a mask along with you in case you encounter a crowd of people. 

Explore Hiking Trails 

Are you fortunate to have hiking trails near where you live? If you are, then you should get outside and explore the hiking trails. This will get you out in the fresh air and you can enjoy the sunshine as you exercise. You probably won’t have to worry about running into people, because hiking trails tend to be spread out. Bring along your facemask just in case. Also, remember to not touch your face often, and when you return home just wash and sanitize your hands. Hiking is one of the best ways to get outside during the COVID pandemic.

Online Exercise Classes  

Due to the COVID pandemic, many of the local gyms and fitness places had to close. As a result, some people just gave up on their regular exercising routine. However, did you know that there are many online exercise classes? Many top instructors are providing online exercise classes right now since people aren’t able to come to the gym in person. To make it even more enjoyable, you can take your tablet or laptop to the backyard or patio. There, you can take an exercise class outdoors and get fresh air and sunshine as you work out. If you are on a budget don’t worry, because you can find numerous free exercise classes online on YouTube.

Start a Garden

During the COVID pandemic, a great outside activity that many people are taking up is gardening. Before we know it, springtime will be here, so now is the perfect time to start planning your very own garden. You can grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. You will spend more time outdoors weeding, mowing, and tending to your garden, which will keep you active during COVID. Plus, there is nothing quite as delicious as homegrown and organic produce that you have grown yourself.

Biking (Mountain & Road)

If you are looking for an exciting way to exercise outdoors, then you should consider biking (mountain & road). Biking is a great way to get plenty of exercises while maintaining social distancing due to COVID. For road bikers, there aren’t as many cars on the road right now due to COVID. That way, road biking is safer than ever. If you want technical challenges and see natural beauty and landscapes, then mountain biking is a great option. Make sure that your bike is in good condition and that you have plenty of water with you. Always bike with a friend whenever possible. 

Practice Yoga

One of the best and effective outdoor activities is yoga. Yoga calms your mind while toning your muscles. Plus, you can literally take your yoga mat anywhere. Grab your mat and head outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. You can also add chakra healing music as you practice yoga for additional healing benefits. There are numerous apps that are free such as the Insight Timer App that has guided meditations and music that is the perfect complement to your yoga routine. 

Our top 6 COVID friendly ways to get outside and exercise are provided above. Did you enjoy them? You can minimize your risks of contracting the coronavirus with fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. If you are looking for a way to enjoy a fun and safe vacation in Mexico, most resorts have implemented numerous health and safety protocols in order to keep visitors safe during the COVID pandemic. Contact Premium Vacations Online at 1-855-283-2170 and make your reservation. They have special deals and promotions going on right now! 

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