Best Cancun Pizza

Best Cancun Pizza – 2019 Edition

It seems like everyone loves tacos, enchiladas, tamales, and Mexican food in general, but another one of the world’s favorite food is pizza. Are you heading to Cancun for a getaway to paradise? If so, here are our picks for the Best Cancun pizza you should try out in case you get a craving during your visit.

#1 Pizzeria La Pizzarra

We start our list for the best Cancun pizza at Pizzeria La Pizzarra which is situated in the La Isla Shopping Center. Pizzeria La Pizzarra serves up delicious pizza along with beautiful lagoon views that make your dining experience even better. Their pizza is prepared with an Italian thin crust style, and they also offer gluten-free crust options as well. Want to try something besides pizza? Pizza La Pizzarra also prepares a variety of pasta, meats, and seafood dishes. Try one of their tasty cocktails as well, and don’t miss the chalkboards that are placed around the restaurant that contain important sports events information, current news, and interesting facts.

#2 Rino’s Pizza Time

Rino’s Pizza Time is located near the hotel zone of Cancun is another great choice for the best Cancun pizza. Rino’s Pizza Time has a large menu with a wide variety of great pizzas. There are also healthy and delicious options that are perfect for vegetarians and vegans, too. The romantic and cozy atmosphere is created by soothing Italian music that is played in the background as you enjoy your meal. Pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven so they have a great flavor that will not disappoint. If you want pasta instead, you should try their Penne al Salmon with Vodka that is a popular dish.

#3 Pizzeria Luna Rossa

Pizzeria Luna Rossa is our third choice for the best Cancun pizza. They are located directly in front of the Plaza de Toros Cancun which makes it a convenient spot for tourists. Their pizzas are reasonably priced, too. Wine connoisseurs will love their wine list that has a great selection of wines to fit every budget, and the atmosphere is comfortable and romantic. They also have daily lunch specials so it is a great spot for a lunch date if you want the best Cancun pizza.

#4 Padrino’s Pizza Express

Do you want the best Cancun pizza that you can find on the beach? If so, try Padrino’s Pizza Express that is located near the beach and is affordable, too. This is the place to go after you have been at the beach all day and want a delicious and quick meal. They also have a variety of main courses and pasta dishes that are great, too. Sit at a table outside on the sidewalk to watch passers-by stroll by, or sit inside at the interior bar and enjoy a cold beer to wash down your pizza.

#5 Le Fate Ristorante Italiano

Do you have romance on the mind? Le Fate Ristorante Italiano is ideal for a romantic date with your sweetie. Le Fate Ristorante Italiano is proud that their food captures the authentic flavors of Italy that earns them rave reviews. They also have great main courses and seafood choices, too. Top choices include their four-cheese pizza, Penne Pasta, and homemade Lasagna. Le Fate Ristorante Italiano also serves a wonderfully refreshing house Sangria that pairs perfectly with some of the best Cancun pizza in the area.

#6 Mr. Lasana

Mr. Lasana also makes some of the best Cancun pizza in addition to their namesake specialty, lasagna. Owned by native Italians, Mr. Lasana is a cozy restaurant that has an authentic wood fire oven to create their tasty pizzas. The Marguerita and Bolognese pizzas are top choices to try. Want to try something unique? Order the Nutella Calzone. Also, make sure you leave room for dessert because their Tiramisu and Apple Strudel are the perfect sweet ending to your meal.

#7 Col Bigolo Ristorante Pizzeria & Shop

Our last choice for best Cancun pizza is found at the Col Bigolo Ristorante Pizzeria & Shop. They serve delicious and authentic Italian pizza and dishes in Puerto Cancun. The décor has a hipster vibe, service is excellent, and the prices are very affordable, too. They also have a large wine list. If you want to eat something besides pizza, try the homemade Carbonara Spaghetti that is simply divine.

Vacationing in Cancun in the future? Try our picks for the best Cancun pizza!

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