Cancun Mexican celebration

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Cancun

Just around the corner is Mexican Independence Day, or Dia de la Independencia, because September is here. The month of September is the time to celebrate Mexico, and in stores, houses, public areas around Mexico you will see the Mexican flag being displayed. Will you be visiting Cancun, Mexico during this month around September 15th? If you are, then get yourself ready to start partying. You will want to plan your weekend accordingly, because there will be two full days of celebrations starting on September 15th when the official “Dia del Grito” occurs at 11:00 pm, lasting all through the next day on September 16th.

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Cancun on September 15th

The entire month of September in Mexico is “El Mes de la Patria”, which in English means the month of the homeland. You will see red, white, and green decorations everywhere you look, and these are the colors of the Mexican flag. Mexicans take pride in their country, and a major part of the culture is respecting its history and traditions. All of the cities throughout Mexico will have ferias or fairs, where you will see people partying and celebrating their wonderful life in Mexico. Visitors will see red, white, and green Mexican flags proudly flying in and around businesses, homes, and public buildings. Festivals and parades will be held prior to the Independence Day on September 16th.

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Cancun

If you are visiting Cancun on September 15th, then you will be very pleased. You will be partying as you have never before in your life. Across Mexico, crowds will start gathering in town squares on September 15th to celebrate the Grito de la Independencia at 11:00 pm, which mimics the call for independence that occurred back in September of 1810 by Miguel Hidalgo. This amazing moment prompted the people in Mexico to rise up against the Spanish colonial forces and reclaim their independence. In Cancun, the mayor will shout out a similar replica of Hidalgo’s cry, then the crowd will reply back with “Viva Mexico!” Fireworks and general merriment will ensue, then on September 16th, there will be parades and ceremonies to keep the party going. There will be fiestas along with fireworks throughout every Mexican town, and locals will come to the beach in Cancun to celebrate their Mexican Independence Day. All activities will be safe and peaceful as the local police will be there to ensure safety so everyone can enjoy the festivities without any problems.

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Cancun! You will likely get to enjoy Mariachi music live as no Mexican party is complete without the powerful sounds of a Mariachi band. Remember, take an uber or taxi and do not drink and drive. You will also want to stay away from Main Street (Boulevard Kukulcan) in Cancun due to the large crowds and massive traffic. Are you ready to celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Cancun? September is finally here, so make sure if you are heading for a vacation in Cancun that you don’t miss out on the biggest celebration in Mexico.

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