Coffee & Tea Lovers: Puerto Vallarta 2020

Coffee & tea lovers listen up! If you are planning to visit Puerto Vallarta soon, you should know where to find the best cafes in town. Puerto Vallarta has a great restaurant scene that includes cozy and cute cafes where you can grab your morning coffee and some tasty pastries, too. Read below to learn our picks for the best places for coffee & tea lovers to start their day in PV.  


Coffee & Tea Lovers: Puerto Vallarta 2020


A Page in the Sun 

A Page in the Sun has been providing great coffee and delicious pastries for more than 15 years. Situated near Lazaro Cardenas Park in Old Town, they also have tons of books in English and Spanish if you want to enjoy a good book with your morning brew. Make sure you also try some of their homemade cakes, pies, and pastries. Plus, they actively promote the art and culture of Puerto Vallarta by regularly hosting book readings, concerts, poetry readings, and much more.


Café Oro Verde  

Café Oro Verde is a hidden gem and family run business you can find in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood of PV. This coffee house grinds their own coffee each day, and many locals claim it is the best coffee in town. If you have time for a chat, the owner of the coffee house is a master of all things coffee. There isn’t a better place to start your vacation in Puerto Vallarta with a delicious cup of coffee at the Café Oro Verde. Plus, you can even purchase a bag of the coffee beans to take back home with you. 


Mi Café   

Mi Café serves hearty breakfast and lunch and great coffee and teas, too. Located inland several blocks from the Malecon Boardwalk near the Rio Cuale River, this cozy restaurant only has seating for about 20 people. They serve authentic Mexican breakfast plates plus American breakfasts including French toast, omelets, and smoked salmon bagels. Menu items are affordable and serving sizes are large. It’s a great place to catch up with a friend, or bring your laptop and get some work done as you nosh, too. 


Dee’s Coffee Company 

Dee’s Coffee Company is located half a block from the pier and Malecon in Puerto Vallarta. In addition to the great beach views, they also sell great coffee and homemade pastries, muffins, and scones. Their cranberry almond scone goes perfect with a cup of fresh hot tea or coffee. If you need to read your emails or catch up on work, Dee’s provides free Wi-Fi for their customers. 


Natureza Café 

Natureza Café is found just north of downtown Puerto Vallarta in the Versalles neighborhood. The Natureza Café has a full menu which includes specialty coffees, fresh juice, breakfast, and lunch entrées. Everything is healthy and well priced. If you want to dine outdoors, they provide outdoor seating. If you want A/C, you can sit inside and enjoy the cool air conditioning, too. For vacationers who need to get work done, Natureza Café also has a Co-Work space located a few blocks away, too.


Coffee & tea lovers won’t be disappointed with the options available in Puerto Vallarta. Try as many as you can, and let us know which you liked the best and why.

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