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El Salado Tour in Puerto Vallarta

Located on the beautiful Pacific Coast is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which is a top tourist vacation destination. The perfect climate in the area is one reason millions of people visit each year. Puerto Vallarta is known for its stunning beaches and the lush Sierra Madre mountain’s greenery. Another beautiful place in the area is the El Salado Estuary, where you can find mangroves and marshes that are protected. The estuary is near the marina in Puerto Vallarta, and for tourists that want to reconnect to nature, they should visit the estuary. Continue to read below to learn more facts about the El Salado Estuary. 

  • Stop By El Salado Estuary 

Near the Puerto Vallarta marina is the El Salado Estuary, which is also known as an urban estuary. This is a protected estuary that has been declared an ecological conservation zone since July 27th, 2000. This estuary attracts a variety of migrating birds, mammals, and reptiles. Currently, the area is home to more than 99 species of birds, 46 different plants, 10 different mammal species, 29 different amphibians/reptiles, along with iguanas, garrobos, river crocs, raccoons, opossums, and much more. 

  • Estuary Mangroves and Marsh

Natural beauty at its best can be experienced by visitors on an El Salado tour in PV. The El Salado tour in PV is a guided tour through the beautiful canals. This area is protected and there are three different types of mangrove and marsh vegetation there. Also, the estuary assists in regulating the area’s temperature and keeps the city safe from floods. The El Salado Estuary is where all types of species get their food. 

  • Wildlife at El Salado Estuary 

Studies have shown that more than 100 varieties of birds call the estuary home along with 29 varieties of amphibians/reptiles, ten varieties of mammals as well. Also, the estuary is home to iguanas, American crocs, raccoons, possums, fiddler and mouthless crabs, and more. The unique fauna and flora at the estuary are protected by Mexican conservation laws. 

  • Reserve a El Salado Tour in PV

After reading all the facts about the El Salado Estuary, are you ready to visit it on your Puerto Vallarta vacation? You can reserve a El Salado tour in PV at 322-201-7361 or you can email them at reservas@esterosalado.org. The El Salado Estuary is open Monday thru Friday at 9:00 am and 11:00 am along with 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. It is mandatory that you make a reservation, as space on tours fills up quickly. You can see the flora and fauna while you enjoy a peaceful boat tour. The El Salado Estuary is an area in Puerto Vallarta that is beautiful and is protected for many generations to see and enjoy. 

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