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Planning a vacation to Cancun? If you are, you will be happy to know that visitors are thrilled with the numerous outdoor activities that can be enjoyed. Cancun has perfect weather year-round, and the natural beauty is unlimited. Cancun is the perfect place for outdoor lovers. Will you be vacationing in Cancun soon? If so, then you will want to make sure that you visit the Nichupte Lagoon in Cancun. In the heart of Cancun is Nichupte, which is a collection of lagoons that is over 3,000 hectares in size. The Sigfrido and Nizuc water channels join the lagoon with the Caribbean Sea waters. People who visit the Nichupte will be in awe with the natural beauty and crystal clear waters and landscapes. Read more to learn about this top Cancun attraction that you can’t miss on a vacation to Mexico.

Nichupte Lagoon Location

The Nichupte Lagoon is located on Cancun’s east coast. There, a natural reserve and mangrove are home for numerous animal species. Birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles all coexist at the Nichupte Lagoon. Seven lakes make up the Laguna Nichupte, and they include the San Jose, Laguna del Amor, Laguna Ciega, and Laguna Bojorquez. 

Numerous Water Activities

In addition, the Nichupte Lagoon is perfect for numerous water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing, and more. People that are visiting Cancun will want to make to go on a tour of the Laguna Nichupte mangroves. There, you will see a variety of flora and fauna that inhabit the area. The rich greenery of the jungle always impresses people. Also, you can also go on a guided tour where you can see the colorful underwater coral reefs. The Jungle Tour is a popular activity for visitors to Cancun as this tour will take you through the lagoon. During the day, there will be plenty of people on the Jungle tour boat exploring the Mangrove Lagoon, or fishing and enjoying other water activities. The beautiful scenery was created with mangroves, and a wide variety of birds and wildlife have made their home there. 

Nichupte Lagoon Swimming

Are you interested in swimming in a heart-shaped lagoon? If so, then you will become another person that becomes a part of a local legend that says whoever bathes in these waters will become a beautiful mermaid and incite eternal love from the person that they truly desire. If you have been seeking true love then this is worth trying. Make sure when you go swimming as well where you may see iguanas, crocs, turtles, and frogs. There are also leopards that live in the area, too. You can also go on an evening tour, so you and your partner can watch the sunset on the lagoon. The Nichupte Lagoon views are breathtaking, and a perfect place to watch the sunset in the Caribbean. Take a moment to consider that the Mayans looked up at these same stars many, many years ago. This is the perfect romantic place for a heartfelt moment with your loved ones. 

Protecting the Mangroves

Are you interested in keeping this area safe and natural for future years? If so, you can join the mangrove reforestation campaign. You can even join in the collection of mangrove seeds, then help sow them as well. Guests will be able to learn more information about the animals and native plants, and how the coastal wetlands and rivers are combined with the sea’s saltwater. You can help support and preserve this natural habitat by contacting the Nichupte Lagoon today. 

When you are vacationing in Cancun, you will want to make sure you visit the Nichupte Lagoon. You will be in awe of the area’s natural beauty when you go to Nichupte Lagoon in Cancun.

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