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Mexican Music: What to Know

Music is very popular in Mexico. So much so, that it’s difficult to go anywhere without hearing the sound of music coming from a car or house, on the street, and live performances. Traditional music in Mexico would include Norteño, Ranchera, and Mariachi. Today, pop and reggaeton music are popular choices as well. Some of the music in Mexico has been around for many decades and is still as popular today. Hopefully, it won’t be much longer before you can start planning a paradise vacation to Mexico where you can enjoy their music and relaxation. When you start planning your vacation to Mexico, you should check out the Villa Group Resorts. We have amazing vacation packages to meet your budget, and our resorts are located in the top Mexican destinations. In the meantime, continue to read more about Mexican music.

Mexico Music History

The music in Mexico is quite diverse. There are many different genres of musical styles. The music in Mexico has been influenced by different cultures. The original people of Mexico influenced the music that we enjoy today, as well as African and European influences, too. Music started becoming a way to express nationalism in Mexico at the start of the nineteenth century. Ever since music has played an important role in Mexican people’s lives. There are many genres of Mexican music from Pop to Ranchera, from Rock en Español to Mariachi. Read below to learn about Mexican music. 

  • Mariachi Music: What is the first style of music you think of when you think about Mexican music? Usually, it is Mariachi music. Mariachi is a style of Regional Mexican music that first started during the 18th century. Mariachi bands are a large group of musicians. Usually, the typical Mariachi band consists of at least 8 violins, 2 trumpets, 1 guitar, and sometimes 1 vihuela, and 1 acoustic guitar. Each of the singers in the band will take turns singing the lead, and they all are backup singers, too. In various parts of the western region of Mexico is where Mariachi music started becoming very popular. 
  • Ranchera Music: Ranchera music is another form of traditional Mexican music. Ranchera songs are normally about being in love, being a patriot, and about nature. This type of music dates back as far as the Mexican Revolution, then sometime later it was connected with Mariachi music. Ranchera music can still be heard all throughout the country, especially in small towns. The roots of Ranchera music are traditional folk music, and some people believe it stands for a new national awareness. 
  • Pop Music and Rock en Español: Pop and Rock en Español is basically pop and rock music that is being performed in Spanish. These types of music are very popular around the world, and it’s just not popular in Spanish speaking countries. It used to be only popular for countries that spoke just Spanish, but with the internet and modern technology, both genres have become very popular around the world. Some internationally acclaimed performers are Marc Anthony, Luis Miguel, Juanes, and Shakira. 

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If you vacation in Mexico, you will get to hear the many different genres. Don’t forget that the Villa Group Resorts is the best place to stay in. Music can always put a smile on people’s faces during difficult times. We hope you enjoyed the Mexican music article, and we can’t wait to see you soon. Premium Vacations Online at 1-855-283-2170 offers incredible deals on discounted travel packages to Mexico. They work with the Villa Group Resorts and sell affordable all-inclusive packages that the whole family will love. Remember, call Premium Vacations Online at 1-855-283-2170 to book your dream vacation to Mexico today!

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