Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas

Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas

If you are planning a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, you will no doubt be aware that this is often hailed as one of the most stunning areas in Mexico. If you have been made aware of this, you will no doubt be thinking about what kinds of activities you can plan in order to make the most of what this area has to offer.

Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas

Though there are many different activities in which you can indulge when you vacation in Cabo San Lucas we would say that parasailing is one of the best activities for anyone looking to really get the most out of Cabo. There is simply no other activity which will give you the same 360° views of the coastline and city, or, in fact, the same buzz that comes with sailing hundreds of feet in the air above the shimmering waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The Parasailing Experience

For those not in the know, parasailing is an activity which will see you fitted with a full body harness attached to a specialized parachute. The parasailing boat will effortlessly pull you into the air as it picks up speed, and the result will be that you have a birds eye view from your perch hundreds of feet in the air as the boat travels the coastline. The average session will last 15 minutes, and though this a popular activity you will find that there are many providers on the beaches of Cabo. As such booking a slot should be no issue whatsoever.

Cabo’s Perfect Conditions

When it comes to parasailing, Cabo San Lucas may just be one of the best locations in Mexico; the temperatures, the find weather, and the uplifting sea breeze make this area perfect for parasailing at almost any time of the year.

Jaw-dropping Views

Forgive us for laboring the point, but we really must stress that the views in Cabo San Lucas are simply amazing; you’ll never see anything quite so amazing as this city from the lofty heights that parasailing can take you to. As you soar over the waves you will see all that the region has to offer: Cabo San Lucas Bay, the cityscape, and even Lands’ End (the most iconic natural landmark in the area) will be at your feet… literally!

Be sure to take a waterproof camera to catch some snaps of Lands’ End; not only is this an iconic rock formation, but it actually marks the point at which the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean! If ever there was an Instagram worthy view it would be this!

As you can see Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places in Mexico in which to parasail; the natural landscape simply cries out for your attention, and parasailing provides the perfect medium by which to adore it!

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