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Places to Visit in Cabo: Cabo Wabo Cantina

You may probably have heard of Sammy Hagar, the rock star and former Van Halen frontman, but more likely, you have heard of Cabo Wabo! When Sammy Hagar visited Cabo San Lucas in the early eighties, he immediately fell in love with this quiet, sleepy fishing village that offered stunning scenery. During that time there wasn’t much going on in Cabo San Lucas, but Sammy had envisioned a tequila bar with a stage so he and his musician friends could have a jam session. How did Sammy make that dream of Cabo Wabo come alive and become a legacy with tequila and an exciting nightlife? Read on to find out.

Cabo Wabo

In 1990, the Cabo Wabo Cantina has opened thanks to Van Halen bandmates becoming financial partners with Sammy Hagar. This new venture brought forth excitement and anticipation, but due, to mismanagement the Cabo Wabo Cantina struggled financially when it first opened. Sammy eventually purchased the shares from Van Halen’s bandmates, because he didn’t want his dream to die, then he searched for a new management team, then the cantina began to sail.

The Hangout for Locals and Tourists

The bar is not just a favorite hangout for tourists as it is the favorite hangout for the locals too. Cabo Wabo Cantina has assisted this town in growing into a popular resort destination, and the bar is the one place where partiers go. The Cabo Wabo Cantina doesn’t play the top 40’s, hip hop, and the latest pop music like the other nightclubs in town, but if you are a rock n’ roller, then you will love this bar. Sammy Hagar performs at the bar along with local bands and many of Sammy’s musician’s friends who are vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. The crowds that come to the bar party all night and until 4:00 in the morning.

The Premium Tequila

Cabo Wabo Cantina had served only the premium brands of tequila for many years, then Sammy started selling his own tequila, and this started in the 1990’s. Sammy started working with a Jalisco distillery that is family-owned to create and produce his superior tequila, which was in demand quickly. In Napa Valley, a prominent wine importer started bringing the tequila to the United States in 1999, which made the tequila more popular and successful outside of Mexico. The premium tequila is now the second best selling in the United States.

Who Came up with Cabo Wabo Cantina Name?

There was no Cabo Wabo Cantina or tequila at the time that Sammy created a play on words to create the name. One evening he was watching a man who was drunk. The drunken man was staggering around and he couldn’t walk upright so he could walk. Sammy said to himself this man is doing the “Cabo Wobble”, which was shortened later. Sammy thought at that moment that name would make a great name for a cantina, and was he right? Yes!

Would you like to do the “Cabo Wobble”? You can do that with places to visit in Cabo: Cabo Wabo Cantina.

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