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Post-COVID-19 Local Community Support

COVID-19 and coronavirus effects have impacted businesses and homes around the world. The people that worked in tourism in Mexico have had their income impacted drastically, because restaurants, resorts, and shops had to shut down temporarily. Several months later, some of the businesses are now starting to reopen. They have added extra health and safety standards, so their customers and tourists will be safe. If you live in Mexico or you visit often, then continue to read below so you can learn important information on how you can support local communities post-COVID-19. 

Post-COVID-19 Local Community Support 

  • Shop Locally to Support Mexico Community

Vacationers that love Mexico will want to make sure to support local communities that they love to visit. Anytime you can, you should shop locally so you can support the small businesses in the community where you live or are visiting. When you are purchasing food, try to shop at the local markets instead of the big store chains. While you are shopping, you should try to have a couple of weeks of food and supplies on hand for any emergency that may happen. However, you don’t want to shop excessively where you end up hoarding food and supplies. Try to be respectful to other shoppers, and avoid clearing out popular items. The majority of working-class people in Mexico don’t have extra cash to stock up on food, and most of them live day to day or week to week. Keep this in mind when you are shopping to be respectful to others in need. 

  • Home Workers and Deliveries

Some of the businesses in Mexico are reopening, and many are offering delivery service because people are still trying to stay home as much as possible. You can support these local businesses by shopping at the ones that offer delivery. If you have home workers that clean your house, care for your children, clean your pool, and take care of your garden, then you should try your best to keep paying them until they are able to return to their regular job. When the time comes, if you can afford to give them an extra day or two of work you will be helping them and their families out. Taxi drivers have really been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis as most of their work is due to tourism. Taxi drivers are now offering grocery delivery, so if you can hire them to deliver your groceries that would help them during this time. 

  • Preparing Care Packages 

Many people and organizations in Mexico have come together to prepare care packages for people in need. In Puerto Vallarta, the restaurants have also been preparing care packages for families that have lost their income due to COVID-19. You can donate food, clothing, shoes, and even toys, which will make families very happy during this hard time. 

  • Stay In Contact With Your Family and Friends

It has been a challenging few months, and now is the time that you should stay in contact with your family and friends. Being isolated and having no contact with loved ones have left many people feeling down. You can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and happy by simply contacting them. You can call, text, and email your loved ones to stay in touch. A kind word and the thoughtful gesture of reaching out will help people cope during these difficult times. 

COVID-19 crises impacted the entire world. In Mexico, post-COVID-19 local community support is needed now. If you live or you visit Mexico often, you can help the community by shopping locally. Are you ready to go on vacation to a beautiful country soon? If so, then contact Villa Group Resorts. They have received the Safe Travels Stamp because they are prioritizing hygiene protocols to protect guests and staff. Plus, they offer vacation club memberships that are excellent for families to have amazing safe, and fun vacations in paradise. Premium Vacations Online at 1-855-283-2170 has incredible travel specials that your family will love. Ready to enjoy a safe and relaxing getaway? If so, contact Premium Vacations Online at 1-855-283-2170 to reserve your dream vacation. When in Mexico, remember to support the local community using the tips we suggested above. 

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