Puerto Vallarta Sushi

Most people visiting Mexico are enamored with its delicious food as Mexican food is some of the best in the entire world. From tacos to enchiladas, ceviche to gorditas, it’s hard to find complaint with Mexican food. However, if you feel like you’ve had your share of Mexico food, and want to mix it up. Try some of the best sushi Puerto Vallarta has to offer. With fresh and economic offerings, you will be surprised at how great the sushi is in Puerto Vallarta.

Here are 5 of the best Sushi Restaurants in PV:

Tsunami Sushi in Fluvial

Tsunami Sushi is conveniently located in Fluvial, a popular residential neighborhood in between the airport and downtown. Tsunami Sushi has been long time PV favorite that was formerly located in the downtown area, and it is an ideal spot for a sushi lunch or dinner. Looking for an authentic Japanese beer to go with your sushi? Order an ice cold tall Sapporo or Asahi Japanese beer to wash down your delicious sashimi or nigiri. Tsunami features a variety of unique specialty rolls and sashimi options, so everyone can find something they enjoy. An added bonus is the cool air conditioned dining room that is a great escape from the PV heat and humidity.

Nicksan in Nuevo Vallarta

Situated about 10 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta airport in the resort neighborhood of Nuevo Vallarta is Nicksan Sushi. It is located beside the luxurious Marival Residences & World Spa, and Nicksan specializes in quality sushi and japanese cuisine. Sit inside in the a/c or if the weather is nice, sit outside by the relaxing water feature under a shady umbrella. Don’t forget to ask to spin the wheel of fortune by the front door once your meal is over. One customer per table is allowed to play this game and you have the chance to win a variety of prizes including a free bottle of wine, a free meal, discounted lunch, and so much more. Good luck!

Hotel Mousai’s Hiroshi

In the mood to get all decked out for your sushi dining experience? If so, head to the Hiroshi Sushi restaurant located in the elegant Hotel Mousai south of Puerto Vallarta next to Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa. Contemporary Japanese cuisine, Hirioshi offers delectable sushi with break taking views of the Banderas Bay and Pacific Ocean. It is recommended to dress up for meals at Hotel Mousai’s Hiroshi restaurant, so make sure to leave your flip flops at home. Ready to try something different? Hiroshi offers an octopus carpaccio with ponzu sauce, guajillo oil and toasted grasshoppers that you can’t find anywhere else. A little too wild for your taste? Not to worry, as their menu contains all the sushi roll classics as well as signature dishes including shiitake salmon, grilled catch of the day, and aji kobe.

Kensao Sushi in Galerias

Found inside on the 2nd level of the popular Galerias shopping mall, Kensao is one of the top sushi restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Their extensive menu has many great choices including cooked meal options, and they regular offer weekly specials including ladies nights and 2×1 roll deals. Kensao has many specialty rolls that are worth a taste such as the tomato roll which is fresh tuna wrapped around rice topped with a tasty scallop salad, spicy Sriracha sauce and fresh green scallions. The Gohan Special is a mixed rice dish topped with crunchy shrimp tempura and avocado chunks for those who prefer their seafood cooked.

Ooki Sushi in the Marina

The newer ONE hotel and office complex building near the airport in the marina area is home to Ooki Sushi, a newer sushi spot that serves up fresh Japanese dishes with a Mexican flare. You are treated to a complimentary tasty crab and rice wonton welcome appetizer upon arrival that will have your mouth watering. The small restaurant is decorated in a minimalist style, and rolls are well priced. Make sure to order the fatty tuna nigiri if it is available. Want to try something different? The tuna roll with serrano peppers is drizzled with sesame seed oil for a delightful mix of spicy and soft flavors that is sure to please.

Puerto Vallarta has great sushi restaurants to try if you need a break from Mexican fare…which one will you try first?

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