Renting a Car on Vacation to Mexico

Renting a Car on Vacation to Mexico

It is quite easy to get around Mexico and rental car traveling can be accomplished with ease, even if you don’t speak the Spanish language. Taxis and public transportation are quite affordable, but renting a car on vacation in Mexico provides more freedom, comfort, and ability to see even more of beautiful Mexico. If you are interested in renting a car on vacation to Mexico, then you will enjoy the tips provided below:

Car Rental Companies in Mexico

You may want to stick with the car rental company that you are comfortable and familiar with, so you can keep earning your reward points. Many of the most recognized international car rental companies also operate in Mexico, too. There are ‘mom and pop’ smaller car rental companies in Mexico, but they don’t provide the top services that you may be used to, so it is best to stick with the car rental company that you prefer and trust. Before renting a car on vacation to Mexico you should read the customer reviews as well.

Important Things to Consider:

  • When you book your car rental online it can save you more money because you are getting online deals, but you should remember that the online deals don’t always come with insurance coverage included, which is obligatory. You should always opt to add full coverage insurance with your car rental.
  • When you arrive to pick up your car rental you should do a thorough inspection of the car inside and outside. Any dents and scrapes that are visible should be noted and pictures should be taken, so you are not charged for these later when you turn the car back in. Even if you are in a hurry to start your vacation, always do a thorough inspection. It could save you a hassle later!
  • You should use the Google Earth app to navigate the roads in Mexico because some of the highways in Mexico have tolls, but paying the tolls are well worth the price as the toll roads are made of asphalt and modernized when compared to the free roads.

Driving Safety

In Mexico, you should always drive the speed limit and all traffic lights should be respected. In Mexico, just as in other countries, texting and talking on your mobile phone is illegal along with driving and drinking or using drugs, and driving without wearing your seatbelt. Big no no’s!

You should never pick up any hitchhikers while driving in Mexico and it is recommended that you only drive during the daytime. This is good advice for your personal safety. If you come in contact with the Mexico police or military, then just follow their instructions thoroughly and answer any questions that they ask you. You should never get out of your car either. You should keep your doors locked when you are driving through towns and especially when you are sitting at traffic lights. When you are driving on highways, you don’t necessarily have to keep them locked.

Renting a Car on Vacation to Mexico and Mexico Road Signs

Here is a Mexico Road Signs Guide:

  • Stop Sign – Alto
  • Road Closed – No Hay Paso
  • Slow – Despacio
  • No Passing – No Rebase
  • No Parking – No Estacionarse
  • Dangerous Curve – Curva Peligrosa
  • Yield – Ceda el Paso
  • Keep Right – Conserva su Derecha
  • Speed Bumps – Topes
  • Detour – Desviacion

When you are driving and exploring towns in Mexico, you should always take your time and relax to enjoy your vacation to the maximum. While you are driving your rental car, you can stop at Oxxo convenience store or there are also many family-operated stores where you can grab snacks, coffee, drinks, and other items, too. Renting a car on vacation to Mexico is an excellent way to travel in this country. Now, you just have to decide what towns you want to visit!

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