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Sayulita 2020: What To Know

Are you planning a Mexico vacation to PV in 2020? Puerto Vallarta is well known for outdoor activities, beautiful beaches, and incredible shopping and dining.  It is true that you will never run out of fun things to see and do in PV. However, a day trip to Sayulita is a fun experience visitors should add to their to-do list. Sayulita is a cute surfing town just north of Puerto Vallarta. Designated as a Pueblo Magico in 2015, the town has amazing heritage and charm that visitors adore. Headed to Puerto Vallarta for vacation soon? If so, make sure you visit Sayulita, a hidden gem near PV. 

Sayulita is a Pueblo Magico

Just forty minutes north of Puerto Vallarta is the charming and quaint coastal town of Sayulita. Vacationers and surfers love this vibrant town. In September of 2015, Sayulita was given the title of Pueblo Magico at the Segunda Feria Nacional de Pueblos Mágicos in Puebla. Talpa de Allende and Mascota, which are villages in the region, were also given the Pueblo Magico award along with twenty-eight other towns. Pueblo Magico in English means “Magic Towns”, and the Mexico Tourism Board started the program in 2001 to reward magical towns and cities in Mexico. In order to qualify, towns must meet three requirements. To start with, the town must be aesthetically pleasing. For example, a Pueblo Magico should have roofs or balconies that are painted in the same color that is approved by the National Institute of Anthropology and History. Next, the towns must have a unique cultural identity and sell locally made crafts, etc. Thirdly, the town must have a beautiful village square where visitors can gather. In addition, towns that are appointed as Pueblo Magicos receive additional financial support to increase tourism, too. 

Sayulita Beaches 

A Sayulita day trip from PV is perfect for visitors on vacation. If you want to stroll along the beach and people watch, Sayulita is the place to go. Surfers especially love surfing the breaks at the local beaches as it is the open ocean that comes with better waves than in Banderas Bay.  You can rent a surfboard or paddleboard right on the beach. In the mood to relax and destress? Massage tables are set up so you can enjoy a soothing massage right on the sand. In addition, there are plenty of dining options in Sayulita where you can enjoy a great meal and delicious cocktails, too. The main Sayulita Beach is very popular and gets quite crowded. However, it is the perfect place for buying jewelry, crafts, and sunglasses as vendors walk by all day selling their fares. If you want to check out a quieter beach, head past the Villa Amor Hotel (yellow) and up the hill until you get to Los Muertos Beach. Los Muertos Beach is perfect for swimming and relaxing in the sun. Plan ahead and bring a picnic with you as there are no restaurants there.

Art, Dining & Shopping 

In town, there are many wonderful art galleries, restaurants and so much more. When you arrive in Sayulita, check out the beautiful central plaza with its charming gazebo. Usually, the plaza is adorned with vibrant and colorful Huichol art that makes for a picture-perfect photo opportunity. In town, you will find numerous art galleries that sell fine art and locally made Huichol handicrafts. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars, too. If you love shopping, you can find unique clothes, swimsuits, jewelry and so much more. Plus, it doesn’t matter what type of food you are in the mood for, as you will find it in Sayulita. Lastly, there is no need to rent a car as everything is walkable in Sayulita.

A day trip to Sayulita from PV is perfect for people who will be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta in 2020. For the best travel deals, call Premium Vacations Online at 1-855-283-2170. Remember, if you visit PV, don’t forget to visit Sayulita, a hidden gem near PV and a Pueblo Magico. It’s a must-visit beach oasis to add to your dream list of vacation hot spots. 

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