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Small Town Charm: Visit Mascota

Did you know that there are numerous charming towns that you can explore when you are on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? These hidden jewels still today have maintained their small-town appeal and charm that gives you the impression that you have stepped back in time. One popular small-town found near Puerto Vallarta is Mascota. This small town is surrounded by pine-covered mountains, and you can get to this small town by just taking the road to Talpa De Allende. Today, there are around 15,000 people that live in Mascota. Need a great deal on a vacation package to Mexico? Check our Premium Vacations Online at 1-855-283-2170. Premium Vacations Online works with the top resorts in Mexico including destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Cancun, Islands of Loreto and Riviera Nayarit. In the meantime, keep reading below if you want to learn more information about small-town charm in Mascota. 

  • Mascota Highlights

One of your favorite memories of your Puerto Vallarta vacation will be a day visit to Mascota. Every visitor that comes to Mascota falls in love with the pleasant weather in the area. The first inhabitants in the region were the Teco Indians. They actually gave the town its name, because Mascota comes from the Teco word, “Amaxacotlan Mazacotla”, which means a place with deer and snakes. Also, when the Spanish conquest was taking place this area was known as the Valley of the Deer. If you visit Mascota today you will see that this town has many beautiful vistas and homes along with rivers, mountains, and forests. The people that live there are very proud of their history and are welcoming to visitors. The quaint cobblestone streets and pretty colonial homes are some of the best parts of Mascota. 

  • Mascota’s History and Heritage

In the 17th century, Mascota was officially established as a town in Mexico. During this time is when families started building their homes and making roads, but without any formal plan. As a result, the city has a street layout that is quite confusing. You can learn more about this town’s history at Casa de la Cultura, too. Also, if you are visiting this town you will want to make sure you visit the Archaeological Museum where you will see beautiful petroglyphs that have been found in Mascota on display. A few of the local archaeological sites near the town are El Pantano, Santa Rita, Mesa Colorada, El Ocotillo, and El Refugio. Recently, a collaboration with the National Geographic revealed that commerce in the area dates back over approximately 2000 years ago. 

  • Things to See & Do in Mascota

Today, Mascota has plenty of places to eat that are great! Local coffee is something visitors should try, and it is known as “Café de Olla”. You should also try some of the fresh baked goods to go with your coffee as you can enjoy camote sweets, stuffed guayabas, mango skins, and more. Don’t miss rompope if you are wanting to taste a sweet liquor, and there are different flavors that include fruits, berries, chestnut, and vanilla. The Rock Museum El Pedregal (El Museo de Piedra El Pedregal) is another landmark you can’t miss. Everything in the museum has been uniquely made and decorated with local rocks. 

  • Natural Beauty

The natural beauty is another feature that visitors enjoy in Mascota. There are lagoons, mountains, and forests where visitors can enjoy riding horses, rock climbing, fishing, kayaking, and rappelling. Laguna de Juanacatlan is perfect for fishing. In Mascota, there is a natural beauty and outdoor activities that everyone in the family will enjoy! 

Are you wanting a break from Puerto Vallarta when you are on vacation? If you are, then you can take in the small-town charm when you visit Mascota. If you have been searching for Puerto Vallarta travel deals, then you should check out Premium Vacations Online, which is a reputable online travel agency. Premium Vacations Online specializes in providing all-inclusive resort vacations in Mexico. Call them today at 1-855-283-2170 so you can find out what low-cost vacation packages are available right now.  

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