Taco-Tastic in Puerto Vallarta

Taco-Tastic in Puerto Vallarta

Are you planning to visit Puerto Vallarta soon? Don’t forget to consider the best eats Mexico offers. No trip to Mexico would be complete without tasting a few of its specialty meals including its palatable taco meals. Thankfully, Puerto Vallarta has an abundance of extraordinary dining options to please your taco-craving appetites.

Marisma Tacos in Puerto Vallarta

Marisma specializes in seafood street tacos which are served on tables placed on the sidewalk or on a barstool around a tiny kitchen. Nothing is fanciful about Marisma but it is known as one of the best in town. You should try their battered and fried fish and shrimp tacos which are their best sellers. There are also several other menu options that you should wish to try something else.

Pancho’s Takos in Puerto Vallarta

You will be among those who will agree that the standout dish here is the tacos al pastor (pork meat marinated in pastor sauce, which is slow roasted and topped with fresh pineapple). Pancho’s Takos is also known for its generous portions and an excellent selection of dishes, making it a favorite spot for locals and tourists. The restaurant’s indoor space is so limited that the tables spill out onto the sidewalk. People-watching becomes a fun part of your dining. Due to its popularity, there is a line for a table most evenings. You can order a drink while you wait for your table but the food is definitely worth the wait!

Taco-Tastic in Puerto Vallarta

El Barracuda (much more than tacos) in Puerto Vallarta

A relaxing restaurant situated right on the beach, El Barracuda serves a variety of foods, mostly coming from their fresh catch. Its selection of tacos is also amazing! All of your taco fantasies can come true with a visit to this waterfront gem, whether you try the Baja-style fish, octopus al ajillo, smoked marlin or steak and shrimp. Choose also from their specialty cocktails which mostly feature smoky mezcal making your meal more appetizing.

El Carboncito Tacos in Puerto Vallarta

El Carboncito’s atmosphere is colorful yet basic, but tourists and locals love this small restaurant nonetheless. They offer authentic taco experience and its food more than makes up for its dimension. You can choose to dine indoors or out. They have freshly-grilled meats and a selection of salsas which will make for some of the most memorable tacos you will ever taste. The restaurants open up to late in the night, making it a favorite stop for those who have been partying all night and are on their way home.

Tacos Revolucion in Puerto Vallarta

This family-run taco joint is one of the few places where you can get seafood tacos alongside tacos with meats like beef or chicken. A fabulous range of tacos and other foods catering to both carnivores and vegetarians make Tacos Revolucion a great choice when you want to try several taco styles. You will surely crave one you try their unique “taco revolucion” which is a combination of several types of meat plus cheese and a three-chili salsa. Make your dining experience more extraordinary with fresh handmade tortillas and delicious cocktails like their jalapeno cucumber margarita.

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