The Best Of Cancun

Are you heading to sunny Cancun, Mexico soon and what to know what are some of the best activities to enjoy? An incredible place called Xcaret eco-park is a must do excursion for the whole family. Xcaret is a stunning archaeological site located in the state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula. First occupied by the pre-Columbian Mayans many centuries ago, this area also served as an important trading center and navigation port for the Mayans. Xcaret is located just 5 miles from Cancun, and only 6 miles from Playa del Carmen. A great place that allows visitors to experience first hand the natural beauty of Cancun, Xcaret is home to gorgeous underground rivers, Mexican culture activities, shows and so much more. With over 50 different attractions at Xcaret for guests to enjoy, it is sure to be a fun day for all. Want to learn more about Xcaret? Continue to read below to learn why Xcaret is the best of Cancun.

Swim In Crystal Clear Underground Rivers

Swimming in the underground rivers is one of the most magical and yet unique experiences that guests rave about their time at Xcaret. The river channels are cool freshwater with luscious greenery surrounding them. Visitors to the park rave that it is a true tropical paradise. The underground waters move throughout all the numerous tunnels and caves, and the stunning natural scenery that surrounds you is hard to beat. Make sure to bring your camera to document the incredible memories you will make. Avid hikers will love the chance to get one with nature and explore all the jungle trails at the Xcaret. Numerous species of vegetation, plants, and trees that are only grown in this region will be some of the sights you will take in during your hike. Lay back and relax in one of the tranquil coves and enjoy a peaceful moment as the warm Caribbean Sea and Mexican sun touch your face. Looking for adventure? Try diving in the natural swimming holes if you dare. Also, giant sea turtles inhabit the area and are just one of the wildlife species that call Xcaret home. Look up to notice the colorful butterflies flying around the trees and flowers, and you will also be treated to views of a large variety of tropical birds as well.

Ancient Mayan Traditions

The Coral Reef Aquarium is another great spot at Xcaret where you can get to see many different species of marine life. A major part of Xcaret is inspired by the local indigenous culture, and visitors will love learning about the unique traditions of Mexico’s past. In addition, there are many exciting and entertaining shows and events at Xcaret. Visitors will want to see the Horse Exhibition, the Papantla Dance of the Flyers enigmatic ceremony, and the dance performances (pre-Hispanic) where beating drums are heard before dusk. During the evening, guests will be entertained by over 300 artists performing on stage at the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular, and the Gran Tlacho theater offers guests the chance to can learn more about Mexican history and the folklore of each state. With so many exciting experiences where tradition, nature, and beauty are celebrated, Xcaret is one of the best parts of Cancun.

Incredible Vacation Promotions

Another tip is to check for specials or deals at Xcaret. They regularly run a variety of specials that can be personalized with other vacation packages. Depending on the deal you find, guests are able to save up to 25%. If you have children that are under age 4, they will not have to pay an admission fee. Children aged 5-11 will only pay half of the adult admission price to enjoy Xcaret. Everyone in the whole family will be thrilled with the once in a lifetime experience that Xcaret will deliver.

Arriving in Cancun for a vacation soon? Make sure you visit Xcaret as it is a must do an excursion in Cancun in 2019. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the history, culture, and natural beauty of Mexico.

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