Puerto Vallarta Chocolate Tour

Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta – Chocolate Tour

If you are planning a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, then you may be wondering what are the things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Recently, Puerto Vallarta has added a new walking tour to its repertoire of activities, and it’s absolutely perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. Find out below why the Chocolate Walking Tour is now one of the top things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta’s Chocolate Tour

Puerto Vallarta’s Chocolate Tour invites small groups of people at a time on an amazing journey through the history of chocolate and the local history of the destinations. Are you a chocoholic? If you are, then the Chocolate Tour Walk is something that you will want to do on your vacation to Puerto Vallarta when looking for original things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Chocolate Lovers New Tour

The Puerto Vallarta Chocolate Tour Walk will take a small group of guests to three of the local chocolate producers in Puerto Vallarta. Guests will get to go inside two of the chocolate producer’s kitchens to see numerous chocolates being made right in front of them. Guests will get to sample some of the chocolates being made, so make sure you have your chocolate appetite ready for an enticing tasting. At the end of the Puerto Vallarta Chocolate tour, guests will be able to purchase their favorite chocolate treats to take back home with them, so they can relive the chocolate experience or treat their loved ones back home to a sweet souvenir.

Puerto Vallarta’s History

Guests will learn the history of the town when you are on the Puerto Vallarta Chocolate Tour Walk. This town was once just a sleepy fishing village before tourism came. While on the tour discussions will turn to the history of chocolate and how the delicacy became popular throughout the world.

Chocolate in Mexico

For nearly 4,000 years chocolate has been an important product in Mexico. The Mayans and the Aztecs along with other groups were very fond of the beans that came from the cacao tree. The Mayans used the beans for medicine, and the Aztecs used the beans for a beverage they would drink at a traditional ceremony. The word “chocolate” was first inspired by the Aztec’s word “xocoatl”, which was the beverage they brewed from the cacao. The Aztecs and the Mayans believed the cacao beans were very magical and powerful, which is why they would use them during their rituals such as a death, a birth, and a marriage.

Chocolate class

At the end of the Puerto Vallarta Chocolate Tour Walk guests can enjoy a mini class. During the class, guests will be allowed to roast and grind the cacao beans just like the Aztecs and the Mayans did to make their beverage for rituals. Guests will get to see up close the Spanish Conquistadors drink as they were very fond of it, then you can decide if it was amazing as they thought it was. After the mini class guests will have the opportunity to shop. You can purchase many numerous chocolate themed treats along with body lotions and soaps that have been made with chocolate that was locally produced.
The Puerto Vallarta Chocolate Tour Walk began on October 18th 2017 and runs on Wednesdays starting at 10:00am and on Friday’s at 2:00pm during high season from October through April.

There are many different things to do in Puerto Vallarta. The Chocolate Tour is just one of the unique and exciting experiences that you may want to enjoy when you take your vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

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