Burger Spots in PV

Top Burger Spots in PV

Burgers and cheeseburgers may not be your first choice for dining in PV, but it should be. Some of the best burgers and cheeseburgers around can actually be found in Puerto Vallarta. Read below to learn where to find the top five burgers spots in PV.

Jean’s All-American Hamburgers
Jean’s All-American Hamburgers is located in the Marina near the Puerto Vallarta Airport, and has been a local’s favorite for many years. Their top seller is a double burger called the “Mexican”, which is topped with freshly made chipotle sauce and caramelized onions that will melt in your mouth. The Traditional and Hawaiian burgers are two other top burger choices. You should also try out their homemade milkshakes to wash down your tasty burger. Some of the most popular milkshake flavors from Jean’s All-American Hamburgers are the cinnamon and traditional strawberry flavors. Jean’s All-American Hamburgers is a great spot for a tasty burger at a great price.
Derby City Burgers
Derby City Burgers was co-created by a Kentucky expat and a Mexico City native who wanted to bring the best burgers to Old Town Puerto Vallarta. Their Louisville, Kentucky inspired menu features burgers with southern names such as The Derby, Slugger, and Bluegrass BBQ. Their logo is a giant burger with a toothpick that includes the image of a horseshoe. Derby City Burgers also have a good selection of bourbon which is unusual to see in Puerto Vallarta. Derby City Burgers also have great appetizers, sandwiches, and salads on the menu, too. Their burgers come with a side dish such as a salad, French fries, or sweet potato fries. Burger meals cost around 105 pesos, or $7.00 USD, so it’s a great option if you are on a budget.
Los Muertos Brewing
Since 2012, Los Muertos Brewing has been serving oven-baked pizzas and locally made crafted beer. However, did you know they also serve some of the best burgers in PV? Los Muertos burgers come with French fries, sweet potato fries (100% Natural), or a regular green or Caesar salad. Los Muertos Brewing burgers weigh in at over 1/3 pounds (170 Grams), and you can add swiss, cheddar, or American cheese along with vegetables, pesto, chipotle, ranch and 1000 island dressing. Make sure to order a pint or two of their craft beer to wash down your tasty burger.
Salud Super Foods
Looking for a healthier burger option? If so, Salud Super Foods is ideal for you as they have several vegan and vegetarian burger options. Located in the Olas Oltas neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta, Salud Super Foods is famous for their healthy and tasty breakfast and lunch menu. Four tantalizing veggie burgers options are available that are made fresh daily. Veggie burger options are listed on the chalkboard near the bar where you order your food. Pachapapa is a top selling vegetarian burger option, and it comes with barbecue sauce, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and Tillamook cheddar cheese. The Pachamama is another popular veggie burger option that won’t disappoint even a hardcord meat lover. Gluten free burgers are available, too upon request.
Joe Jack’s Fish Shack
Joe Jack’s Fish Shack specialties are fresh fish dishes, but they also make a mean burger. Burgers come with French fries, and crispy bacon can be topped on your burger if you choose so. On Wednesdays from 12pm to 5pm during the summer, Joe Jack’s Fish Shack runs a burger special for only $120 pesos. Make sure to try a refreshing mojito cocktail too. They have mojito specials that are 2×1 during the day, except in high season. Their mojitos are freshly made and flavors include mango, traditional lime, passionfruit, ginger, and strawberry.

Are you heading to the Puerto Vallarta paradise soon? If so, take a break from tacos for a day and try out these top burger spots in PV.

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