Underwater caves Cancun

The Underwater Caves of Secret River

Rio Secreto is a new eco-tourism attraction in the Riviera Maya that thrills visitors with its natural underground river and limestone cavern system. Just discovered in 2007, the cave is part of a 7.5-mile long network that is still being explored and mapped out today. Some portions of the river are off limits to tourists, but Rio Secreto is open to the public and can be experienced in a few hours and enjoyed by all ages.

Environmentally Friendly

To protect the environment, make sure that all sunblock and makeup is rinsed off before you enter the river as Rio Secreto is a local drinking-water source that we want to remain pristine.

The caves and cenotes of the Yucatan have held an important role in Mayan religious ceremonies for centuries so your experience to Rio Secreto will have both spiritual significance and environmental importance. As you begin your day, you will hike and then swim in the cool river waters for an easy one-kilometer route.

Impressive Underwater Rock Formations

Once you enter the underground caves, you will be delighted to see and learn about stalagmites and stalactites, natural limestone columns, and impressive cathedral-like ceilings. There is even small wildlife that inhabits the underground caves such as bats and small fish. An interesting part of the tour is when your guide will ask you to turn off your headlamps for a few minutes and you will find yourself in complete darkness of the cave. The only sounds you will hear will be the water dripping from the ceiling or perhaps your own heartbeat if you find that complete blackness a little too dark.

Tour Timeline

From start to finish, the Secret River excursion lasts around 90 minutes. You can rest assured you will have the proper gear and local guides will be with you every step of the way so you can enjoy your experience with the highest levels of security and safety. Proper gear includes a wetsuit, life jacket, a helmet with a headlamp and even towels to dry off when the tour is over. Tours only allow a maximum of 10 people so that everyone can have a personalized experience and receive the individualized attention they deserve. There are a few locations along the route that are great for taking photos. However, once inside the cave, there is no natural lighting so Rio Secreto has set up a system of lights for flash photography so you are given a chance to view and select professional photos at the end of your tour.

It’s not often you get to experience a place where so few people have visited. Millions of years in the making, a day to Rio Secreto truly offers the chance to appreciate Mother Earth and her natural wonders. Are you looking for a new and magical ecologically friendly activity while vacationing in Cancun? Make sure you to visit the incredible Rio Secreto, or Secret River and you will not be disappointed.

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