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Xcaret Mexico is proud to present an impressive online show streaming live this Sunday, April 26th at 7 pm. Come join Xcaret on a magical journey exploring the beauty of Mexico, all from the comfort of your home.  For the first time ever, Grupo Xcaret will be broadcasting live from their iconic park with an incredible evening show that will delight viewers from across the globe. As we all hunker down at home during the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, don’t forget that Mexico is anxiously awaiting the return of its beloved visitors. This special show will give viewers a chance to learn more about Mexico’s incredible culture and art, all without leaving home. Don’t miss the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Online! April 26th at 7 pm from YouTube’s Xcaret Channel or Facebook @xcaret.

Xcaret is a world-class theme park in Cancun with tons of natural beauty located in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. For visitors to Cancun, Xcaret is a must-see attraction. This Sunday’s extra special live broadcast will take place via Xcaret’s official YouTube and Facebook channels. Make sure you follow Xcaret’s official pages so you and your family can join in on the fun.  Grupo Xcaret has entertained more than 22 million park guests from all around the world with over 10,000 live performances. The artistic and technical quality of their performances is simply out of this world. This Sunday’s extraordinary Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show will take viewers on an unprecedented journey through the history of Mexico. Get ready to be wowed by more than 300 live artists, musicians, and singers as they tell a mesmerizing tale including legends and traditional dances from various cultural regions in Mexico.

Come join Xcaret on a magical journey exploring the beauty of Mexico

Once travel is again possible, make sure to plan a vacation to Cancun. While you enjoy your getaway to paradise, don’t forget to visit Xcaret Park in person.  It’s impressive Gran Tlachco Theater was built in 2002 and has space for over 6 thousand spectators. Remember, make sure to watch Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Online! April 26th at 7 pm from YouTube or Facebook. If you miss the live broadcast, viewers will be able to catch the performance a week later on Sunday, May 3rd at 7 pm via Xcaret’s Facebook page. Stay home and stay safe in the meantime, but don’t forget that Mexico’s heart is always with their beloved visitors.


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